How to make money | How to make money in share market


How to make money | How to make money in share market

How to make money | How to make money in share market?

Share market is the best platform to make money online Here you can grow your money easily if you have knowledge about it.

Because this is an online platform to invest your money in your Demat account and also it’s accessible to you and you can operate it easily with your self.

How to make money in share market

If you want to earn money from share market you can use technical charts and also watch the news to know about the market situation.

Because, if you will follow everything properly you can get a good profit in the market from home.

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How to make money | How to make money in share market
  • First and foremost reason to lose money is, traders, think that it is very easy to make a profit from share market. They think that there is a big cake and they can easily get that. But let me tell you a very important point related to it 90% day traders lose money. So, it’s proof that it’s not easy and you need to be disciplined and flexible with proper risk management.
  • Second, the most important point why traders lose their money in the market is because of their own emotions. The market is like an ocean, you can see there is plenty of water, the greed to take it all and the fear to drown in, will always give you loss. So, the question is how to control those emotions? I will explain it in the latter half of this blog. Just continue reading. Same happens with markets you can see lots of money but you can’t take out all at once or even worse the greed or fear to take it can drown you.
  • Third, traders enter into a trade without specifically deciding what amount of money they take risk, what is their target, at what point they will exit, how much quantity they should trade for each trade or in short Risk Management is also one of the major causes why most of the traders lose money in Share market.
  • Fourth, advisors tips, I must say recently bogus tips and recommendations providers are promising investors to give good profits and looting them. Don’t fall for any such tips providers. Any genuine company will give you at least 5-7 days live performance demo, ask for that and verify their performance and then make your decision.
  • Fifth, and the biggest reason for losing big money in a single or couple of trades is traders desire to gain big and to do that they start to take a very big position and desire to be right let them their big losses run and ultimately they end up with the big loss. Big losses are both emotionally and financially devastating and cause emotions to run high, and this lead to take bad decisions controlled by emotions.
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